McNair on fire – two nights in a row

Goes straight to the lead.

After a bad start during the first two days at Solvalla, Doug NcNair has started to come around and followed up yesterday’s two victories on the WDC-tour with another two at Sundbyholm and for the second day in a row became Driver of the Day.

Yesterday it was close between the drivers at the top, but at Sundbyholm Doug McNair was the shining star of the evening when he, in addition to the two wins with Argbiggan and Arctic Agent, also placed second with New Song.

– She felt better than what she looked like and did exactly what she was supposed to do when going over the stretch, Doug McNair said in the winning circle after the victory with Argbiggan from the front.

Rick Ebbinge beat the Canadian for his second place, when Ebbinge led the whole race with Fabulous Journey and crossed the finish line on his own. Aside from a gallop the Dutchman did not have any trouble in the other races, which brought him up to third place in the WDC standings.

– It went pretty slowly and the horse went well over the stretch, said Rick Ebbinge in the winning circle of Fabulous Journey.

Yesterday’s leader Ulf Ohlsson also had a pretty good Tuesday night with a victory, but it was not enough to keep the lead in the WDC. He dropped the lead to Doug McNair, but Ohlsson is still in second place.

– It was important for the WDC to win this race because I think I haven’t had any good chances today, said Ulf Ohlsson following the victory with Pelle Roc.

The last winner of the day was Eirik Höitomt, who won with My Dream Art after pushing to the lead early in the race. The victory was crucial for the Norwegian, who had a bad night in Eskilstuna. Höitomt is currently right outside the leader board as we head on to the last two days of the WDC. The next five races will take place in Rättvik tomorrow.

Top 3 after day 4
1. Doug McNair (Canada) – 123.5 points
2. Ulf Ohlsson (Sweden) – 118.5
3. Rick Ebbinge (Netherlands) – 115.5